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Leda Mechanical Repairs are Gold Coast Mechanics who specialise in mechanical servicing and repairs. We are
dedicated to becoming the premier auto repairer on the Gold Coast, achieved through superior expertise, quality,
efficiency and customer service.

Minor Vehicle Service

This service is recommended to be carried out every 10,000 km or 6 months, which ever comes first. The price will vary depending on the make & model, parts and type of oil required – contact our bookings office for an estimate. Commercial, 4X4, diesel, and some imported cars extra (conditions apply)

  • Replace the engine oil & filter
  • Only use top quality oil
  • Test coolant, brake fluid & battery
  • Check & top up any fluids
  • Full under car check
  • Inspect belts, hoses, lights & switches
  • Inspect brakes, tyres & pressure
  • Free washer additive & fuel additive
  • Carry out a complete safety inspection & written report on any findings

Major Vehicle Service

This service is recommended to be carried out every 20,000 km or 12 months – contact our bookings office for an estimate. This service consists of the Minor service as above, plus some or all of the following:

  • Cooling system check
  • Tune up / adjust fuel mixture
  • Check ignition timing
  • Replace spark plugs if required
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Replace air filter
  • Adjust hand brake if required
  • Diagnostic scan of ECU
  • Full undercar inspection & report
  • Free washer additive & fuel additive

Log Book Service

We can perform a log book service for the majority of vehicle types as required, protecting your vehicle warranty by using certified approved parts. Different models require different service intervals and different parts, please phone for an estimate applicable to your vehicle.


We stock a wide selection of new and remanufactured Autolite Bosch, Nippondenso, Mitsubishi, Hitachi and more exchange vaccuum advance diaphragms. We also stock Carburettor diaphragms. We have over 200 applications ready to ship – if it’s not in stock, send it into us for repair.

Cooling System Service

Most coolant has a life of approximately 2 years and therefore should be fully flushed out and replaced at the end of its life. We use a special flush machine to ensure all traces of the old coolant have been removed, we then replace the coolant at the right % applicable for your vehicle, to protect your cooling system’s many components.

Oil/Filter Service

This service is recommended to be carried out every 5,000 km – contact our bookings office for an estimate. This service consists of:

  • Replace the engine oil
  • Replace the oil filter
  • Top up any low fluid
  • Check under the bonnet
  • Inspect belts and hoses

Automotive Diagnostic Scan

We use various types of Automotive Diagnostic Equipment including the Ultra Scan-Tool, the Snap-On Solus Pro, the Eco Gas analyser, EDEA testing equipment and many other state of the art equipment types which are capable of quick diagnosis.

LPG Service

This service is recommended to be carried out once a year. We will check LPG system for leaks, check operation of system & adjust and check components & replace as required.

Brake Fluid Service

Brake Fluid is a hydrascopic oil which absorbs moisture from the air and should be checked at your regular service to ensure the moisture level is not too high. If the level is not kept at a low % it can cause your brake system to rust from the inside and cause damage to the brake system itself.

We check your brake fluid as a regular item at every service. We also keep you informed of the % and advise when it is necessary to flush your brake system. We use a special brake fluid flush machine to flush the entire brake system, then we replace the new brake fluid.

Power Steering Service

Recommended every 50,000 klms. This service removes the build up of sedements in the system which can cause damage over the life of the vehicle and result in expensive repairs. We add a flushing agent to the power steering system and flush using a special machine, then replace with new power steering oil.

Fuel Saving

LPG Installations/ Conversions – We recommend an appropriate LPG system to suit each individual vehicle. Inspect, supply and install system according to the Australian standards, under authorisation of Natural Mines & Energy & the Petroleum Act 2004. Compliance Re-Certification also available.

On Car Fuel Injection Service – The on car injection cleaning is of enormous benefit to the motorist, firstly we can clean more than just the injectors, this service cleans the fuel rail and fuel lines injectors inside the manifold the valves, the exhaust oxygen sensor and this allows the computer to operate more efficiently which in turn gives you improved idling and fuel economy.

Off Car Ultrasonic Injector Service – Injectors are removed from vehicle and ultrasonically cleaned and then tested. This is a more thorough method of cleaning the injectors. It removes more stubborn build up of contaminants inside the injectors, which improves fuel flow and in turn improves fuel efficiency.

Repairs & Other Services

With 55 + years in the trade we provide additional Services such as:

  • Brakes Specialists
  • Transmission diagnostics & repair
  • Injection service & Repair
  • Power Steering Service & Repair
  • Brake Fluid Flush & Bleed
  • Cooling System Service & Repair
  • Upper Air Intake Cleaning
  • LPG Conversions, Servicing, Repairs & Compliance re-certification
  • Supply of exchange vacuum advance & choke diaphragms

Leda Mechanical Repairs also arrange for additional services at discount prices which make us a “ONE STOP SHOP” to save you time and money such as:

  • Car Detailing
  • Air Conditioning Repairs & Servicing
  • Tyre replacement
  • Wheel alignments
  • Road Worthy Inspection Certificates